Patty Wagstaff is a creative, exciting and dynamic, low-level performer.

Patty Wagstaff provides up to 15 minutes of precise, low-level, competition-style, hard-core Unlimited aerobatics, including an inverted ribbon pickup. She is also available to circle jumpers with smoke for the show opener, as well as for performer introductions/teaser openers, race jet cars and trucks, and perform in grand finales and squirrel cage performances. Will fly dual routine with select performers including the Tinstix routine with Skip Stewart. She works well with media, and supplies press materials.

Thank you for your interest in Patty Wagstaff Airshows, Inc!

I specialize in exciting unlimited international competition-style airshow flying, emphasizing the precise execution, originality, harmony and rhythm of aerobatic flight.

Each of my airshows is carefully choreographed and crafted for both location and audience. Every low-level performance and every maneuver is styled and executed to demonstrate the precision, artistry and heart-stopping excitement of a perfectly executed aerobatic maneuver. I perform a wide range of maneuvers from multiple vertical snap rolls to lomcevaks, torque rolls and tailslides, and the inverted ribbon cut.

My airplane, the German-built EXTRA is the state-of-the-art aerobatic airplane designed specifically for professional aerobatics. Designed and produced by Walter Extra it has 350 horsepower and a 3-bladed propeller. This high-tech, single-seat monoplane is considered one of the most beautiful and exciting airplanes in the world. With light-weight composite construction the EXTRA has a climb rate of 4,000 feet per minute and a roll rate of 420 degrees per second! The EXTRA looks awesome in the air and great on the ground when it is on display for your spectators.

I am a three-time U.S. National Aerobatic Champion and am the first woman to ever achieve this title. As a six-time member of the U.S. Aerobatic Team and winner of the gold, silver, and bronze medals, I have represented the U.S. in Olympic-level international competition since 1986. My airshow operations and airplane are based in Florida, and I fly airshows throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Professionalism is of the utmost importance to me. I arrive at the airshow site early for a full press day. I enjoy giving media interviews and talking with people about what I do. I particularly enjoy children and interacting with the handicapped and elderly at your special airshow day. After my performance I like to circulate with your sponsors and spectators, answering questions and signing autographs.

The performance of the EXTRA and the demand of piloting perfection and professionalism combine to give a performance audiences throughout North America have found to be refreshingly artistic, creative and inspiring. I hope that I have the opportunity to demonstrate my skills and the performance of the EXTRA at your forthcoming event. I would like to help make your airshow a success!

- Patty Wagstaff

"Such a good show, Patty! It was amazing. I'm not even sure I could say what you're doing half the time! You definitely have a signature style, like Elvis says "I don't sound like nobody!" A beautiful combination of sledgehammer G's and graceful ballet, you have a brutal finesse that most folks can't appreciate, and a razor precision control bordered by a complete loss of same - brilliant. I know you've worked hard for it and it shows - ain't nobody else like you!"

Type of Act

Dynamic, Hardcore Unlimited Solo Aerobatics


15 Minutes

First Year


Performances Flown


Geographic Region


Additional Info

Professional Airshow Performer; Aerobatic Competency Evaluator (ACE); U.S. National Aerobatic Champion 1991, 1992, 1993; International Aerobatic Club Champion 1993; Member U.S. Aerobatic Team 1985-1996. Member, Screen Actors Guild; Member, United Stuntwomen's Association; Member, Motion Picture Pilots Association. Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument (CFII)


Airsure Aviation Insurance ($1 million single-limit)

Aircraft Type

An Extra, single-seat monoplane, designed and built in Germany by Extra Flugzeubau for Unlimited aerobatics. The Extra is flying in competition and airshows throughout the world. Painted in an eye catching Black and silver paint scheme with red, yellow and orange stripes; the aircraft is equipped with a smoke system.

Type of Fuel Used

10 gallons per flight - 100 LL

Type of Oil used

10 gallons per flight - Shell Carnea E smoke oil or similar quality

Type of Engine Oil used

Aeroshell 100W Plus, as needed plus one case

Hotel Accommodations

2 Rooms


2 Cars (1 car, 1 SUV or VAN)

Hangar Requirements

Hangar each night for Extra 300S and support aircraft.

Other Requirements

Adequate security each day


[email protected]