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We thank all of our sponsors! Without them, we truly could not fly.

Patty is proudly sponsored by...

And a SPECIAL thanks for your years of support!

Barrett Precision Engines
    Monty Barrett's legendary engine overhaul shop in Tulsa is the only facility Patty trusts to rebuild the Lycoming AIO-540 engine that powers her Extra 300S.


MT Propeller

    MT Propeller of Germany makes some of the world's most sophisticated composite props.
Champion Aerospace Inc
    Champion Aerospace Inc manufactures more high-performance aviation quality spark plugs, harnesses and oil filters than any other company in the world. Professionals like Patty only use the finest ignition components produced by Champion Aerospace Inc. owned by Trans-Digm Inc.

Ladd Gardner Aviation Insurance Inc.

• At Ladd Gardner Aviation Insurance, our customer is our first priority. From the initial inquiry for a quote, to binding a policy or a renewal, we work closely with each client to ensure they have the right coverage at the right price. We also understand our customers' needs - from a Cessna to an historic Warbird. That is why we participate in a wide variety of aviation events - EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the Reno Air Races, AOPA seminars, North American Trainer Association gatherings and many others. We are there to get acquainted with our policyholders, learn from them, and be proactive in our business relationship. General aviation, sport flying, Warbirds, corporate aviation and flight schools... We want to be your agent.

Oregon Aero, Inc

    Oregon Aero, Inc. designs and manufactures more than 500 products for aviation and other industries that prevent and eliminate pain, reduce noise, and improve impact protection. Everything you need to know about how our products work, who uses them, and what you need to order is here. Just click above to get started, and check out our Site Map so you don't miss anything! Oregon Aero products don't treat the symptoms of problems; Oregon Aero products solve problems.
    Sarasota Avionics International is a leader in aviation. We are the largest installing Garmin dealer in the United States, which is why Patty chose us to install her brand new Garmin GPS-396, SL-40 and GTX-330 Mode-S with traffic avoidance. We proudly sponsor Patty for all her avionics needs.
PS Engineering Inc.
    When Patty needed a better way of hearing her radios while flying her Extra 300S, she selected the small but powerful PMA4000 Audio Panel to tame the Extra's 300 cockpit din.  And to make those repositioning flights in her SR-22 a bit more enjoyable, she looked toward our PMA8000B to solve her particular needs. Now she enjoys unprecedented aircraft radio and music fidelity while having the ability to connect her cellphone to get IFR clearances. And when she has passengers along, everyone will appreciate our IntelliVox, our completely automatic VOX system that works.
    Thanks Patty for trusting us with your audio

      FlightAdventures is a company that brings flight simulation to life. The company exists to provide the highest level of flight simulation experience so real world flight skills can benefit. FlightAdventures operates the Virtual Pilot Center™ (VPC) which provides a host of aviation-related services to both simulator and real-world aviators. Visiting the VPC is just like walking into your favorite FBO. There's almost always someone to talk to, you can check the weather, flight plan, look at airplanes, purchase pilot supplies and a whole lot more. Through the VPC can you fly with other online pilots even fly in formation together. It's a lot of fun.

      FlightAdventures also provides web design and hosting services for aviation professionals like Patty Wagstaff.

    Bose Aviation Headsets
      The world's finest aviation headset--the Bose Aviation Headset X--is engineered to work as a system that improves both noise and reduction and comfort.

    Goodyear Aviation

      Goodyear Aviation produces the Flight Custom III tm which is widely recognized as the premier general aviation tire and the tire of choice for Patty. The thick undertread and added layer of Aramid helps provide long tread life and many more landings.
    National Parachute Industries, Inc.
      Professionals like Patty choose a parachute demanding comfort and reliability. They also require top quality, light weight and low bulk. It is easy to understand why they fly with National, the parachute of choice!
    Concorde Battery Corporation
      Concorde Battery Corporation is a manufacturer of premium quality lead-acid batteries. The present product lines include valve regulated (sealed) lead-acid batteries (VRB) for aircraft, marine, medical, telecommunications, emergency backup, and photovoltaic applications as well as flooded lead-acid batteries for commercial and military aircraft.
    Lord Corporation
      Mechanical Products Division. Lord manufacturers rubber-to-metal products, including lord mounts, elastomeric bearings, engine isolators, couplings, rod ends and active technologies for controlling noise, vibration, shock and motion.
    Global Guardian
      Offering international protection services for corporations and high net worth individuals.

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